Butterfly Effect
Cardano NFT collection
by: nullHashPixel, MINTING NOW!
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A collection of 9999 unique crypto butterflies on the Cardano blockchain minted as animated on-chain NFTs.
butterfly effect NFT examples
The beauty of nature, generated by mathematical equations, encoded in transactional metadata in the Cardano blockchain. The entire code to produce the animation is encoded in the blockchain for each butterfly. Wallets currently only show the picture (from IPFS), animations can be viewed with a block explorer, e.g. pool.pm. The policyId is given below, make sure to verify it before buying at market places.
policy Id:

How to buy
1) Mint numbers are random.
Picking a specific butterfly is not possible.

2) The collection is limited to 9999 butterflies.

3) There are two methods to buy the NFT:
nft-maker PRO payment window and nft-maker PRO pay-in address.

4) Due to high blockchain congestion, it can take up to a few minutes until your NFT(s) arrive. Do not close the pop-up window until the NFTs have arrived.

To use the nft-maker PRO payment window click this button to open a pop-up:

buy 1 NFT for 14 ADA
buy 2 NFTs for 28 ADA


To use the nft-maker PRO pay-in address, carefully read and follow the instructions below:

1) DO NOT send ADA directly from exchanges.
Only use wallets you control (Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami etc.).

2) One butterfly effect CNFT costs 14 ADA. To buy two, send exactly 28 ADA.
Maximum 2 per transaction, no restrictions per wallet.

3) Send the exact amount of ADA to the payment address below.
Wrong amounts will be sent back minus transaction fees.

4) The NFTs are sent back to you immediately, including a deposit of 2 ADA.
In case of blockchain congestion, delays can occur.
Use the nft-maker PRO payment window method to have reservation.

Number of NFTsPrice (ADA)
pay-in wallet address (read instructions):

This counter might be delayed, to check how many NFTs have been minted, use Cardanoscan
Animation example
Number of NFTs9999
Number of different
color schemes
2: 11 (0.1%)
3: 206 (2%)
4: 2111 (21%)
5: 4865 (49%)
6: 2806 (28%)
Shinyyes: 210 (2.1%)
no: 9789 (97.9%)
Contains the word butterflyyes: 520 (5.2%)
no: 9479 (94.8%)
Symmetric wing colorsyes: 87 (0.8%)
no: 9912 (99.2%)
The rare shiny butterflies have a special effect in the picture and also in the animation,
and contain the word shiny in the title. Example:
shiny butterfly NFT
Preview of the full gallery
A more advanced viewer with search for specific attributes and check of mint status will be added after launch.
Other infos