Butterfly Effect
Cardano NFT collection
by: nullHashPixel, MINTING NOW!
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A collection of 9999 unique crypto butterflies on the Cardano blockchain minted as animated on-chain NFTs.
butterfly effect NFT examples
The beauty of nature, generated by mathematical equations, encoded in transactional metadata in the Cardano blockchain. The entire code to produce the animation is encoded in the blockchain for each butterfly. Wallets currently only show the picture (from IPFS), animations can be viewed with a block explorer, e.g. pool.pm. The policyId is given below, make sure to verify it before buying at market places.
policy Id:

How to buy
1) The NFT can only be bought on secondary markets: jpg.store

2) Mint price in 2022 was 14 ADA.

3) Policy locked on December 31st 2022.

To explore all minted butterflies, check jpg.store or a block explorer like Cardanoscan
Animation example
Number of NFTs9999
Number of different
color schemes
2: 11 (0.1%)
3: 206 (2%)
4: 2111 (21%)
5: 4865 (49%)
6: 2806 (28%)
Shinyyes: 210 (2.1%)
no: 9789 (97.9%)
Contains the word butterflyyes: 520 (5.2%)
no: 9479 (94.8%)
Symmetric wing colorsyes: 87 (0.8%)
no: 9912 (99.2%)
The rare shiny butterflies have a special effect in the picture and also in the animation,
and contain the word shiny in the title. Example:
shiny butterfly NFT
Preview of the full gallery
A more advanced viewer with search for specific attributes and check of mint status will be added after launch.
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